JPG Locket

The JPG Locket is also a project that stems around my personal interest in reconnecting with the digital which once was physical. As we all know our physical world is becoming more and more digital, thankfully we no longer have to carry around and worry about losing things such as leases, contracts, movies, music and pictures all of it is conveniently;y compressed into a box that lives on our virtual desktop. This of course makes our lives incredibly easy but I canʼt help feeling something is missing, there is a physical and mental void where this stuff used to live. There was something nice in cleaning up ones pat and finding an old picture from spring break 2001, or a mix CD compiled for that long road trip. There is comfort in seeing our physical memories ages with us, in the form of a yellowing book pages, a scratched cd or fading pictures. These visual clues help us to feel connected to our belongings. How can we bridge this gap and make the digital physical again? This project looks closely at the use of the locket as a security blanket of sorts, comfortably connecting them mentally to deceased relatives, long distance friends and memories of place. I was interested in how one can revitalize this charged object in the context of today. One can feel a connection to this important image even if we eliminate the picture and replace it with its file name. The file name represents a way to connect and find that beautifully captured moment of your best friend via the cue 56973.JPG. This key of sorts is particularly useful given the large amount of unorganized data that exists on multiple harddrives, it gives us a way of calling it up both digitally as well as mentally.

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